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Case Studies

Here, we showcase a few of our projects showing the diversity of what ANDN Systems can provide.

      Our ticket printing system has been part of our quality system for over 20 years. 

Certificate of Conformance -

Food manufacturer.


As with many suppliers, a certificate has to be issued with a consignment of a product as a guarantee to the customer that the product complies with all necessary requirements and specifications.
A system was designed to generate a printed certificate of conformance for every bulk load of flour. This A5 page displayed all the relevant specification details for that type of flour, and, yes, there are many different types of white flour !

In todays world of accountability, many businesses have to be able to produce a product trail. That is, to be able to demonstrate what raw materials were used in the manufacture of the product, show where the raw materials were stored and so on..

Our system was able to provide the link from the finished flour, what vehicle was used to transport it and tie into the remaining product tracking system that was in operation

If it aint broke - don't fix it.

One could argue that this advice is not always wise. In this case, the system has been in operation for 17 years and is still going strong. The system runs on windows XP and is completely isolated from any connection to the outside world. It records every flour transfer from production bins to outloading bins. More information is then added, which includes the customer details and vehicle used to transport the flour. The key fields are the unique number assigned to that load of flour and the batch number. Using this information, it is possible to track the manufacturing right the way back to the wheat the flour was made from.

Daily statistical reports are available and queries can be ran if further reporting is required.
The system hasn't been upgraded because it is still fit for purpose. A recent PC hardware failure occurred and the whole system was recovered onto a replacement PC with no loss of data. While this recovery was taking place, it was clear to see that an alternative method of producing the certificates using spreadsheets was not practicable. Ironically, the company had not kept backups and it was the designer who'd taken a personal backup of the PC. This was used, together with the data files on the hard drive that enabled a full recovery. Needless to say, the company hadn't formulated a backup plan.

The system is using Alpha4V8 which is no longer supported by the company producing it. Common sense would suggest a modern alternative be phased in but, when running to a tight budget, the allocation of funds would have to classed as defensive spend and is not always justifiable.

Web Design - leave it to the experts.


David, an experienced tiler and bathroom fitter decided to go it alone. He was confident that he could start his own business and over time, watch his business grow. The ideal showcase for his work would be a gallery and testimonial page on a new website.

Why not just use an online web design service?

Why not indeed. There are many reasons why using a site like Wix or Squarepsace is perfectly acceptable. Why should David get involved with the design, layout and SEO wording?

His speciality is in fitting bathrooms, tiling and plumbing. It is more cost-effective to get a specialist in than trying do-it-yourself. As people grow older, they realise that saving a few pence here and there is not the most effective use of their time. One slight technical glitch would be a massive time stealer so…. leave the web design to an experienced person and stick to what you do best.